One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “what does the average headstone cost?”  Unfortunately, there really isn’t an average. There are several things that determine the cost of a headstone. Things like size, shape, color, design and lettering all affect the price.  Here are some of the information needed to give you a good answer about price:

  • What cemetery does it go to?  Knowing the location helps, as some cemeteries have restrictions.  Some cemeteries do not allow upright monuments.  If upright monuments are not allowed, can you use granite only or does it have to be granite under bronze?
  • Is the stone for one person or two?  If the stone is for two people, it will cost more than if it is for one person.
  • Are you doing genealogy research and you just want to mark the grave of a long lost ancestor or have you lost a loved one and you want to do a memorial tribute to them?

Other than size and shape the thing that impacts the cost the most would be the color.  If you are comparing prices you should be sure you are comparing apples to apples.  For instance I have five different colors of black in my display.  The same size, style and design monument would be a different cost in each color, even though they are all black.  They all come from different quarries in different parts of the world and cost different amounts to get them here.

There are so many things that go into the price of a headstone. We want to give you the most accurate information possible and are happy to help you stay within your budget as much as possible. It may also be helpful for you to stop by and see what is available in your price range.